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Crete from Underwater

Written by Basil Daniel on .

underwater1aDid you know that until recently, diving in Crete was authorised only on the official sites, because Greek authorities feared that divers would find archaeological underwater treasures that they didn’t know about? Come and at or hotel in Rethymnon and check it out.

With temperature going up to 35 degrees in the summer, the nicest, most comfortable place you will find in Crete is definitely in the water. The turquoise ocean is a solid 25 degrees all season, so why not hang out in the sea for a while and discover the underwater possibilities.

Thanks to its especially clear water and unbelievably beautiful coast, Crete is the ideal place for water fun.

Diving is one of the most popular activities in the country, especially in summer because the fauna develops and gets richer under the heat. The cherry on top is that there is no underwater current and the visibility is perfect. The best conditions are put together to allow even beginners to have a blast..

There is a lot to see. You will encounter all sorts of fish type creatures and enter a whole other world. You are going to see a lot of plant life, plenty of colourful small fish and various sponges and starfishes. On some location, you can even meet groupers, sea turtles or octopuses.
The Rethymnon region, in the immediate surroundings of the Rimondi grand hotel is the best place to explore the underwater world as you will discover the marine topology. Advanced divers will be able to visit tunnels up to 15 meters deep. Beginners will experience thanks to natural light sponge filled caves and spectacular wall drop offs up to 250 meters into the deep blue beyond.

For those eager for adventures, the journey into the marine life will delight you. You will enjoy an unearth experience and rock your senses. Excitement guaranteed!

You can enjoy this kind of fun thanks to numerous agencies that offer from beginners training lessons for the whole family to advanced deep sea excursions for experienced divers. They have pick-ups at every hotel in the region. The rates are around 75 Euro for two dives, material included. Courses to discover scuba diving in a day trip is around 150 Euro with two dives..

So, try your luck with the aquatic activities near the Rimondi Grand hotel and Spa in Rethymnon and maybe you will see more than moray eels!