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Rethymno, the Crete Wine Festival

Written by Basil Daniel.

wine-fest3Every year the island hosts lots of great events and festivals. The summer is the pick for those events and Rethymno is no exception. Indeed, the beautiful city will host the wine festival between 1st and 7th July 2012. This year is going to be a great edition full of dance, music, fun and of course lot of amazing Cretan wines. So don’t miss this fantastic event. Book your perfect vacation to Crete this summer. It is the perfect moment to stay at our hotel in Rethymnon and enjoy some tasty Cretan culture.

Let’s start with a little bit of history. Crete was the centre of Europe's most ancient civilization, the Minoans. It is believed that they invented the concept of wine. The Cretan people since then has mastered and improved the art. Today, there is approximately 50,500 hectares of vineyard on the island. Cretan wine even has appellations like Peza, Archanes, Dafnes and Sitia. The purpose of the festival is to shed some light about the Cretan wine, one of the finest in the world so that it can reach more and more people each year.

Watch our video on the last edition of the festival and many more information!

Thanks to the municipality of Rethymno for some of the fragments shown.

In the many distractions of the beautiful island of Crete, the night life is always one of the most cherished by the visitors. After a hard day of doing the touristy thing, the lively city in the night breeze will be a delight for the evening. You will face a large choice of bars, clubs, city walks and events to enjoy the hours of fresh air. During the first week of July this year you will have the great pleasure to attend the wine festival in town, a celebration of Cretan wine, music and dance.

The festivities are held in the Municipal Park, a lovely garden in the protected shade of many trees. The entrance is 7€, and it is 7€ well spent as you can drink unlimited glasses of the best Cretan wine you will find and enjoy many other activities.

Wine festival of Rethmno

The festival is the occasion for local producers and seller to show you the best of their products.

We’ve select some wineries you should visit during your trip on the Island. The Miliarakis winery – for some wine tasting in the wine factory and have a look at their exhibition of the old winery machines. The Ntourakis winery organises tours and wine tasting in its castle is from a fairytale, 20 minutes from Rethymno. The Manousakis Winery is situated in the village of Vatolakkos where they produce six labels of Nostos® wines made from 100% organically grown Rhone grape varietals. Also, check out New Wines of Greece, they are a portal dedicated to call attention to the wines of Greece. Their latest event was the wine symposium on the first of June in Rethymno. Ask them for a visit during your stay!

Wine festival of RethymnoBut let’s go back to festival itself. In the afternoon, the ambiance is like a fair. Don’t hesitate to stroll around and taste everything that comes in your grasp, from the regional wine of course as well as other local products such as olives, cheese and herbs. The profusion of solid food item will be a benediction for settling your stomach after the extensive wine tasting that you ought to do in the cool shade of the garden trees.

People from all over Crete and Greece come for this festival and it is child-friendly as it offers many educational and entertaining activities for children to take part in.

Also music and dance are important in the Greek culture as well so, like every event in Crete, the wine fest will be accompanied with live music and traditional dances. Typical Cretan music is on the program performed by local artists. You will also admire some regional dances before it is your turn to gather up on the dance floor and let the wine guide your steps. It is time to learn the complicated steps and to reproduce them your best on the dance floor.

The 2012 program is not announced yet but you can find all the updates on the municipality of Rethymno page and also here, and of course on our Facebook fan page.

Have a real taste of Crete as you experience the aromas and the flavours of this land.

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