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Top 10 Restaurants in Rethymnon

Written by Basil Daniel on .

Typical Cretan SaladStudies show that food is an important criteria when choosing a destination for the holidays. It is right at the top with price and safety. Crete is completely safe with a warm and hospitable people and the prices are exceptionally low for such a destination. We have compiled a list of the best places to eat and show how strong tradition and exceptional products make Crete the best place for the foodies. Enjoy your stay at the Rimondi Grand Hotel and taste the best of Cretan food.



Romantic Restaurant in Rethymno Taverna Pontos

The best kept secret of Crete is located on Melissinou Street. The Taverna Pontos is simply the best Cretan food you will ever find, by the word of the locals. Every dish is completely delicious, made from the best products the country offers. The atmosphere is warm and the owners make sure everyone is having a good time. The legend says that the only place better than Pontos is one's own grand-mother's kitchen.

Best restaurant of Rethymnon

Castelvecchio Restaurant 

The Castelvecchio Restaurant has a wonderful location, up hill on Himarras Street, just under the fort. It has been a family owned restaurant for generations that prides itself on its warm ambiance and impeccable service. You will be delighted by every item on the menu of a classical Cretan cuisine although they have especially lovely fish dishes. The restaurant owners have also a fascinating blog about food and so much more, click here to check it out!


Avli Lounge

The prettiest restaurant is without a doubt Avli, set in a Cretan villa with Venetian and Turkish elements on Xanthoudidou Street. The décor is gorgeous as “Avli” means “The Garden”. The atmosphere is fantastic but the food is expensive, however delicious. You can have a 3 courses dinner and a bottle of very interesting Cretan wine for 33 Euros per person, which is pricey for Crete. The cuisine is innovative and there is a great variety of Mediterranean dishes made out of Cretan products only.


Pigadi Restaurant

The Pigadi restaurant is set in the centre of the old town of Rethymnon, in the maze of narrow streets. It has a large menu full of delicious dishes containing all the classics but with a twist, mixing traditional Cretan dishes with modern cuisine. We recommend the chicken in dark chocolate and orange sauce, a surprise and a delight for the palate. Low budgets will be glad with this restaurant as its prices are very reasonable and the courtyard is particularly romantic, very interesting for couples on a nice evening out on the town.

Moussaka, top 10 restaurant of Rethymnon

Zizi’s restaurant 

Zizi’s restaurant is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants of the city of Rethymnon. It built its reputation serving high quality products a traditional atmosphere. You will see a lot of locals still eating there; witch is pretty meaningful on it-self. It is a family tavern tourists should visit for its good traditional touch. The prices are controlled and they serve big portions of delicious classic dishes with a great, fast service. The only down side is the very touristic area and the place is often crowded during the summer holidays.



The Fanari restaurant is the only awarded with a prize of the Cretan Original Kitchen. Its generous portions and warm service add nicely to the quality of the food. Thanks to its location up hill, just beneath the Fortezza of Rethymnon, the view from any table is great and you can watch the agitated aegean sea while enjoying your meal. We recommend the Chaloumi cheese, a Cretan specialty. It is especially tasty with a pitcher of Cretan wine to accompany it.

The best Crepes Crete Island

Haris creperie

To change from all those typical Cretan food restaurants, try the Haris creperie. The crepes are huge, hand made and you can watch them being made. It is certainly one of the best creperies of the country with a variety of choice. Situated In the heart of the old city, the prices are reasonable and locals appreciate it. It is almost impossible to finish the portions but our advice is to ask for a doggy bag.

Best restaurants of Rethymnon

Giorgio restaurant

The Giorgio is a nice family run restaurant. Its interest is in its great service, complete individual care from the owners. They will greet you like you are part of the family, coming for diner. The prices are very reasonable and it is recommended for families. This is where you should go to be immersed in real Cretan hospitality. The food is delicious although slightly too classic and is eclipsed by the atmosphere.


Sokaki lemon garden

The Sokaki lemon garden is perfect for couples on a romantic evening and it is recommended to seat outside as long as you are not afraid of falling lemons. Its war atmosphere and hidden location makes it all the more attractive and the lemons and pomegranates are picked fresh from the trees. The dishes are a mix between Cretan classics and new cuisine. We recommend the prawns in ouzo and the octopus in orange, as it is their specialty.


Taverna Knossos

The owners of the Taverna Knossos, Maria and Stavros are the heart of this typical Cretan taverna. It is very popular and maybe too touristy but the main attraction if you are lucky is Stavros playing for you on the lyra, typical Greek instrument. The seafood platter is especially interesting, it is a mountain of all kinds of seafood and goes wonderfully well with the carafe of white Cretan wine.

Cretan gastronomy is exceptional and these restaurants give you a good idea of the quality of the local cuisine. Come to our hotel in Rethymnon and discover the Cretan food, one of many Cretan pleasures.