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Water Activities in Crete

Written by Basil Daniel on .

water act ok2Who said it was easy being a tourist? Every holiday, the pressure of finding the perfect vacation spot is stronger and then begins the brainteaser: how to please everyone? Well, look no further because Crete will delight everybody whether they are adventurous or the more quiet kind. Stay at our Rimondi Grand Hotel & Spa Resort and enjoy a puzzle free holiday.

Holidays with your loved ones are the best, whether it is family vacation or friend gathering. It is the occasion to have a wonderful time and create great memories. However the holiday sounds great, the preparation isn’t. Because we are all different, and thank god for that, we all have different ideas about what we want to be doing during our time off. From wanting to blow off some steam with sport and parties or preferring using this special time to relax in a quiet environment, it is difficult to satisfy everybody. Difficult, but not impossible because Crete is one of the few destinations to propose such a wide range of activities that everyone will be happy, and with more than 1000 kilometres of well preserve and beautiful coastline, Crete’s immense potential is towards water activities.

snorkelingFor the poetic souls, in quest of a quiet time away from your everyday lives, a boat ride will rejoice you. Take a tour of the island by the sea and admire the exquisite coast side. There are numerous day trips around the sights by boat, going every week/day from Rethymnon town for 30€ approximately (click here for more information). So enjoy the amazing décor of the sea side of the island and sink in the beauty you deserve. Find yourself the nicest cove around the coast. You can pretend you are lost survivors on a desert island for the day and return to the colourful nightlife of the city centre at the end.

To satisfy your curious side, you can have a great time in harmony with the environment snorkelling. You can chill out in the sea and meet nice friendly fishes. This activity requires very few things and can bring you the peace you needed. You can just buy or rent masks, snorkel and fins from stores in the city and go off in the sea from the coast or from a boat.

For the most adventurous among visitors, Crete offers many adrenaline full activities. If snorkelling is not enough for you, try scuba-diving. There are many shops for scuba-diving gear in Rethymnon, whether you are a beginner or a full grown professional. Sensations are completely different from staying near the surface with a tuba as you can dive deep into caves and corals. For more information about diving in Crete, you can read this article: Crete from underwater.

Sea sports in RethymnoFor those in need of challenge and speed, you can rent on the beach jet-skis or try water-skis or wind-surfing. Thanks to all these possibilities you can create incredible memories of unforgettable fun times. It is usually around 30€ for 10 minutes of jet-ski fun.

You can also rent canoes, kayaks, and pedaloes for a more accessible and family friendly fun time. You can get most of them for 10-15€ the hour.

For the most patient of you, we recommend fishing. It was the traditional activity of Greeks for generations. The Cretan seas are home to many Mediterranean species; porgies, red mullets, barbell mullets and Samson fishes are in abundance here. If you are really lucky, you may even catch a pike. Some tavernas will prepare your fish for you if you pay them a little money.

After a full day of a wide range of activities on the water front, you can enjoy the typical Cretan town. Stay at our hotel in Rethymnon and get the perfect holiday for everyone.